At Drizly, we’re all about thinking outside the box–even re-drawing the box itself–but we also know that crowds have their own wisdom. Like when it comes to ordering drinks for the office happy hour, popular is good. Well-liked is good. Drinks that will make everyone people happy… good. 

In the spirit of turning good happy hours into great ones, we dove into the data from across the Drizly for Business universe in 2022 to discover the drink trends of 2022. Then, we grabbed Kim Hedmark, Drizly’s senior manager for corporate business development, to get her hacks for creating easy to execute office happy hours.

Liquor and wine are the most popular categories for corporate events, with beer hanging in third place, but don’t be deceived: Lower-ABV options are best for work events–nobody wants to be “that guy” or “that gal.” Hedmark suggests an assortment of 60 percent beer, 30 percent wine, and 10 percent liquor–or, if you prefer to stick to beer and wine–70 percent beer and 30 percent wine. 

She likewise recommends choosing lighter beers for maximum crowd appeal, but notes there’s no need to feel limited to the most well-known brands. Try offering a local beer, for instance, or even a hard cider–gluten-free guests will be grateful. 

“While there are certainly beverages that are big hits all year round, it’s great to lean into the time of year, taking the season into consideration,” says Hedmark. In summertime (aka Summer Friday Season), this means more hard seltzers and rosé wines, while autumn is all pumpkin all the time, and winter is a great time for heavier red wines and, of course, bubbly.

One thing is always in season: nonalcoholic options. “Providing an equal number of alcoholic to non-alcoholic beverages and putting them on display shows a company is thoughtful about non-drinkers, meaning no one feels left out,” says Hedmark. Drizly has many fun, no-ABV choices–Hedmark suggests Wolffer Spring in A Bottle Non-Alcoholic Wine.

Don’t sleep on the so-called extras, the last item on the category list, which includes necessities like ice, cups, and mixers. If you’re keeping bottles and cans cool, plan for one pound of ice per person; if you only need ice for drinks, halve that. 

The most popular products in 2022 to-date read like a greatest-hits playlist for a perfect party:

Drizly’s Top 10 Most Popular Corporate Event Items in 2022 to-date: 

  1. Tito’s Handmade Vodka
  2. Ice
  3. Corona Extra Mexican Lager Beer
  4. White Claw Hard Seltzer Variety Pack No. 1
  5. La Marca Prosecco
  6. Stella Artois
  7. Bud Light
  8. Josh Cellars Cabernet Sauvignon
  9. High Noon Hard Seltzer Variety Pack
  10. Kim Crawford Sauvignon Blanc

A mix of ready to drink cocktails, crowd-pleasing beers and wines, classic spirits, and extras make this list a dynamite starting place (quick order now) and these easy-to-open options ensure a smooth flow of service during happy hour… which means shorter bar lines, happier bartenders, and way happier colleagues.

In particular, a signature cocktail is a real pro move, according to Hedmark. It’s festive and fun, and it’s a good way to incorporate liquor in a more measured way than, say, leaving open bottles of bourbon on a table. For max convenience, the Drizly for Business Corporate Concierge team can suggest some recipes, and add everything you need to your order. 

In fact, our Coporate Concierge team can build the whole drinks list for you, including all the important extras like ice and limes. All you need to do is share the budget, timing, number of attendees, and they’ll help pull together an order for you.