Shopping for your boss can feel like playing a high-stakes game of Minesweeper (not that you ever play games on company time). Get something boring and it’ll sit on their shelf next to that paperweight from Synergy Summit ‘08. But nail it with their drink of choice and you might just achieve something Office Space taught us was practically non-existent—gratitude from your boss. 

No matter the occasion, here’s how to choose a gift that will wow them. 

Get personal

Gift cards might be easy, but that doesn’t mean you should give them. They’re generic and scream, “I forgot about that anniversary/holiday/rescue dog’s first birthday.” Your boss is a unique person with their own tastes. Use what you know about them to get a gift that suits their interests.   

No matter your budget, thoughtfulness trumps price—every single time. Drizly shoppers drop an average of $77 on workplace gifts, but if your budget is $25–50—the most common range, according to Drizly’s 2022 Corporate Report survey respondents—there are plenty of options. Our Corporate Concierge Team are pros at finding perfect gifts at any price.

Know thy occasions

Technically, you can drink bourbon-spiked eggnog in July—and if your boss does, more power to ‘em. Otherwise, match the gift to the occasion. 

For example, red wines pair well with all kinds of decadent holiday foods, while birthdays are a great time to celebrate your boss’s individuality with a gift set of their favorite drink. And for accomplishments, you can’t beat Champagne—which comprised 88% of Drizly corporate shoppers’ sparkling wine gifts last year. “Champagne is a classic celebratory drink,” says Kim Hedmark, Drizly’s senior manager for corporate business development. “So it’s great for promotions, work milestones, and other occasions that call for congratulations.” 

When in doubt, give wine

Last year, 55% of all workplace gift-givers went for wine—because it’s classy, versatile, and most people like it. Plus, LeBron gifts wine to his friends, and you’re basically the LeBron of tossing things into the hallway trash can. 

If you’re unsure about your boss’s wine tastes, Napa Cabernet or Chardonnay—our top-selling red and white varieties—are good bets. Even if you’re not an aficionado, our expert team can pick a bottle that’s bound to impress. 

Or whisky

Don Draper’s Old Fashioned. Ron Swanson’s Lagavulin neat. Michael Scott’s Scotch and Splenda (hey man, you do you). Bosses love whisky, on TV and in real life. Drizly’s data shows that 32% of workplace gifts are spirits, primarily Bourbon or Scotch. If your boss keeps a bottle in their desk drawer —or just loves spirits—you can’t go wrong with something like a Macallan Single Malt Scotch or Angel’s Envy Bourbon.

Sometimes non-alcoholic is best

If your boss doesn’t drink, or if drinking isn’t part of your workplace culture, steer clear. The good news is you can still pop a celebratory bottle, since non-alcoholic wines, spirits, and beers are trending right now. Point is, whether your boss’s idea of a wild night is takeout and too many blankets, or they brag about the wine cellar that’s overtaking their partner’s craft room, our Corporate Concierge team can find them a gift they’ll always remember.