Giving a good gift is a feat. You want the giftee to feel one-of-a-kind, which is tricky under any circumstance, especially when the circumstance in question is “thanks for being a great accountant, Bob.” 

The good news is, you can make your clients/employees/Bob feel extra-special with a nice bottle of… something. Drizly for Business is here to help you get the most bottle for your buck, which is why people use us for everything from thoughtful “just because” treats to VIP gifts. In fact, 39 percent of Drizly for Business gifts cost less than $50. 

“Sharing a great bottle is the perfect way to stay connected in a predominantly hybrid environment, where people are all over the place,” says Kim Hedmark, Drizly’s senior manager for corporate business development. “You can never go wrong with giving a gift that’s tried and true, but it’s wise to find out what your recipient’s drink of choice is so you know it will be thoroughly enjoyed.” 

Read on to become the corporate gifting MVP. 

Wine is always in style

Popping a bottle just plain feels special, and the numbers don’t lie: Wine is the most popular gift purchased across the Drizly for Business universe, and over 50 percent of those gifts are bubbly. 

“Since sparkling wine is synonymous with celebration, it’s a great option for companies who are looking to add more of that ‘wow’ factor when sending a gift,” says Hedmark. “Whether it’s for an employee or a client, there are plenty of champagne bottles that really ‘pop’ from their presentation alone.”

Red wine follows Champagne as the second most popular gift item. It’s a category Hedmark loves for its budget-friendliness and aging potential. 

Top red wine gifts from the Drizly for Business Corporate Concierge team:

Select spirits for sipping

Corporate America is also moved by the spirit(s) of the season(s), with spirits making up 32 percent of gift–especially bourbon, Scotch whisky, and tequila.

“Bourbon has seen a huge resurgence in the last decade, which means there are a lot of bourbon buffs out there,” says Hedmark. “It tends to be something people sip on slowly, which allows the gift recipient to really savor the moment and enjoy the gift to its fullest. If you have someone on your list that appreciates the finer things and an excuse to take the pace of their busy day down a notch–bourbon it is.”

Lean into local options

Drizly makes it easy to geo-search for gifts available in any recipient’s neighborhood, adding a thoughtful touch to any gift. 

“I like to lean into local favorites based on where the recipient lives, like an assortment of beers from a popular brewery in their area to add that extra surprise element,” says Hedmark. 

Giving gifts looks good year-round

While the holidays are the peak season for giving, it’s never a bad idea to send a gift. In fact, year-round gifting has been on the rise since 2021, with gift orders nearly doubling on Drizly. Plus more brands–like Casamigos, Don Julio, and Crown Royal–are releasing limited edition products and special sets year-round, meaning it’s easier than ever to give a really great gift.

“We help corporate clients really capture something in the moment–sending a bottle of Champagne as soon as someone gets promoted, or sending your client their favorite bottle of Scotch to cheers a big milestone,” says Hedmark. When in doubt, the Drizly for Business Corporate Concierge team is here to help, right down to finding trendy non-alcoholic wine and spirits options for non-drinkers. In fact, they can manage the whole shebang: just share your recipients’ addresses and beverage preferences, as well as budget, and our Corporate Concierge team can take it from there, including verifying addresses, figuring out what arrival dates work for the recipients, and adding personalized notes.