Drizly for Business Case Study: Electronic Arts

Video game powerhouse Electronic Arts creates virtual spaces for people around the world to connect, team up, and go wild after scoring a ridiculous bicycle kick in FIFA. They’ve brought that engaging community to their in-person and remote workplaces too. That’s thanks in part to Employee Culture and Experience Lead Tyler Reynolds-Rothstein, who’s partnered with Drizly for Business to send gifts to EA employees nationwide. We sat down with him to discuss how to create that good-vibes workplace culture and engage employees in every corner of the country.

How did you find out about Drizly for Business? 

One of my biggest projects is the holiday party for our main campus. But in 2020, nobody was getting together. All of our people were scattered across the country, and I needed to get things to their homes. Which vendor could access them and deliver something fun? I reached out to Drizly and said, “I’ve got people around the US and I’d like to send a selection of five different types of alcohol.” They said, “We’ve got you.” And it’s been the most commonly engaged with aspect of our remote holiday party.

Over the years, they’ve taken a lot of work off my plate. Previously, I was keeping track of all these spreadsheets to place orders. Now I just give them all of our people’s names, they give me a digital interface, I send that to our people, they click it, and Drizly for Business does all the work. It’s one of the reasons I keep coming back—they provide value. 

Yay for SPREADSHEET FREEDOM! In your experience, is there more to the Drizly for  Business service than spreadsheets or features of the service you wish you’d known about earlier? 

They’re like the DoorDash of alcohol, but it’s better than just opening an app on your phone and choosing what you want. I try to give trendy options for gifts. Drizly’s team follows the sales trends and what people are posting on social media and they make recommendations at my price point. I like red wine, but I’m certainly not a sommelier. They’ll make suggestions and we’ll go back and forth before landing on one. It’s a very collaborative process. Their team brings expertise and that’s definitely helpful.

Do you think Drizly for Business helped create a great workplace culture at Electronic Arts, if so how?

One of the things our Chief People Officer charged me with was creating a community. But it’s difficult to connect remote employees to each other using just Zoom, Slack, and email. So I try not to send gifts they just get, and that’s it. If I send you a branded mug, cool. You think “It’s nice my company sent this,” and then you put it away. We try to use gifts in conjunction with moments for people to connect organically. Like they’re on Zoom saying, “I got my bottle of Champagne today for the party.” And then someone else says, “I chose the red wine. My wife loves this wine.” And now you’re sharing a moment with your coworkers. 

It’s so amazing how bottles can do that! Is that your favorite part of working with Drizly for Business, or is there something else that takes the cake? 

Drizly for Business has been great. They certainly rescued me in the peak of the pandemic when I was like, “I don’t know how I’m going to do this.” They jumped in and said, “we can handle it. We have the expertise.” They’re super easy to work with. Very communicative. They also handle all of our customer service, which is fantastic. If employees anywhere in the country have issues or questions, they can ask Drizly instead of calling me, which has saved me tons of time and let me allocate my attention to other aspects of our remote engagement.