Your clients probably get a lot of gifts. The food baskets from bosses, the suspiciously-close-to-performance-review gift cards from employees, the branded floss from their dentists—and so on. Making your gift stand out can seem like a Herculean task, but it’s far from impossible. Here’s how to pick one that’ll get your brand more stuck in their head than that awkward senior prom memory.

Local drinks > branded staplers 

Shameless self-promotion might make great reality show drama, but clients can see right through it. 

“As much as you can, lean into each client’s preferences,” says Drizly senior manager for corporate business development Kim Hedmark. “Choosing something your client really enjoys sipping on versus slapping a label on something really shows appreciation, in comparison to looking like you’re just promoting your own company and brand.” 

The thing is, 55 percent of workplace gift-givers say they worry about not knowing what the recipient likes, according to Drizly for Business 2022 Corporate Report. But even if your only info is where they live, you can still personalize your gift. 

“I always suggest giving local products,” says Hedmark. “For instance, if they live in Boston and like IPAs, a variety pack from a local brewery like Harpoon shows you did your homework.” Plus, our Corporate Concierge team can give expert recommendations for any budget, and they’ll even include a hand-written note.

Make your gifts POP!

For new clients, gift-giving might feel like writing (and rewriting) a text after a first date. You’re looking to take the relationship from that was fun to let’s make this a thing, so the right gift is crucial. 

“It’s best to roll out the red carpet,” Hedmark recommends. Our data shows Drizly for Business gift givers spend an average of $77 on workplace gifts, but Hedmark recommends going big: “If your budget allows, go for higher-end products and choose a bottle that pops—either literally, like Champagne, or just has that eye-popping factor like Casa Azul Reposado Tequila.”

Longstanding clients are a different story. You’ve probably gotten to know them well over the years, so you can pick gifts based on what’s going on in their personal life—like a summertime sipper for their upcoming weekend at the lake or fine wine to celebrate their 50th anniversary.

January is the new December

Go ahead: Call us Scrooges, but think about skipping holiday gifts for your clients. Everyone and their mother sends gifts in December (literally), which means even the nicest gifts stand out less. Instead of sending a gift that gets tossed into the holiday pile, we recommend sending a year-end gift in January. 

“January gifts avoid the holiday clutter and officially kick off the new year,” says Hedmark. She also suggests professional milestones and big events like contact closings as ideal times to surprise your clients. 

Think outside the box bottle

Everyone loves a good story, good drinks, and good causes—and wine gift sets can deliver all three. These themed selections come with backstories, tasting notes, and other tidbits your clients can use to impress their dinner guests. 

“It’s a fun element of our sets,” says Hedmark, “And it gives another little something when they open the package beyond just a bottle.” She recommends the Celebratory Duo, a Champagne and Cabernet Sauvignon combo, or Women’s Winemakers, a sparkling wine duo. 

When in doubt, red wine never fails

“You can’t go wrong with red wine,” says Hedmark. Not only is it Drizly for Business’s top-seller among workplace gift-givers, but “it’s great for wintertime, and it ages well, so even if they don’t want to drink it right away, they can save it for the perfect moment.”